Credit Repair Companies are a Necessity

What do you know about credit repair companies?

The current U.S. debt is over $20 trillion dollars. With that much debt, it’s no wonder credit repair companies are becoming a necessity for many families. In fact, the average U.S. family has $8,733 in debt. If you need to quickly repair your credit history, leading credit repair companies such as BetterCredit can help.

Credit repair companies like BetterCredit look at your score, credit card history, loans and reports that contribute to your score. With that information, they’re able to contact your past or current lenders to request more information.

Once a negative item is placed on your credit report, it may take up to seven years before a company will consider removing it — if they do at all. It’s up to you to contact them and request that they remove any old negative information from your credit report.


Why Credit Repair Companies Work So Well  

Credit repair companies work very well because they have the power to consistently follow up with your current and previous lenders. These companies work diligently to send documents and make phone calls on your behalf.

Over the span of a few weeks, credit repair companies can navigate through the complex credit reporting industry and fight for you. The end result is an improved credit score.


How Fix Your Credit Within 6 months

Better credit continues to be a leader in the credit repair industry. In fact, the average client’s score can increase by hundreds of points in as little as 6 months.

It’s completely possible for you or someone you know with questionable credit to completely restore their credit history significantly. If you’re planning to make any major purchases within the next 12 months, it’s a good idea to begin working on increasing your credit score now.

Once you begin to see your score improve, it’s ideal to review your current credit cards and decide which cards you can immediately pay off. What most of our clients do is start with either the card with the lowest balance or one with the highest interest rates.

If you’re uncertain where to start, we suggest you speak with your accountant or a financial adviser for more advice. In our experience, the sooner you’re able to reduce the amount of outstanding debt you have, the greater your score will increase.

Many of our clients can save money each month by negotiating new credit terms once their credit scores are higher. With the money they save each month, they’re able to pay more towards any open balances further reducing outstanding debt.


How To Improve Your Score With BetterCredit

By now you see the value you’ll gain from using a credit repair company. Butt you may require just a bit more information on how to get started. In that case, we suggest contacting BetterCredit and speaking with one of our credit repair experts. We’ll start working immediately to improve your credit.

As a valued client of BetterCredit, you’ll be able to monitor your score daily in our member’s area. With your unique access code, you can watch the progress we make as your credit score increases. Contact BetterCredit today and speak with one of our credit repair professionals.