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To fix poor credit and raise your FICO score we offer actionable advice that you can implement today. BetterCredit understands that anyone suffering with poor credit may experience difficulty obtaining loans, better homes and a higher standard of living.

If the average U.S. family has over $8,700 in debt, many face daily pressures that aren’t necessary. That’s why many individuals choose to use credit repair companies such as to help raise their FICO scores.

Credit repair companies like BetterCredit look at your overall score: previously opened credit cards, loans and any other items reported to the credit bureaus. Everything listed contributes to your score. With that information, FICO score repair companies are able to contact past and current lenders to request additional information.

Once a negative item is reported, it could between 7-10 years before a creditor will remove the negative item. Since there are no hard and fast rules for this, even if you try to dispute an item, it’s up to them whether they’ll remove it from your credit report.

Why Credit Repair Companies Work So Well  

BetterCredit is very unique. While most repair companies work, not all of them have the power to consistently follow up with your current and previous lenders to ensure you get the best results possible. Repair companies contact lenders either through phone calls or with letters on your behalf.

Over the course of a few days or weeks, credit repair companies will contact FICO and work with them to fix poor credit scores.

How To Raise Your Credit Score

Better credit continues to be a leader in the credit repair industry.  Our average client’s score can increase by hundreds of points in as little as six months.

We have the ability to completely transform your FICO score and restore your credit history significantly. If a new and improved FICO score is desired for large purchases such as a new home or boat, we suggest getting started sooner rather than later.

Without knowing your exact situation, most clients need at least 6-12 months of credit repair before they make significant purchases. Contact now or a similar credit repair company.

As you begin to see your FICO score improve, you can review the your current credit cards rates and determine which cards you can pay off quickly.

Most clients start paying off the card with the highest interest rates or with the lowest balance. It’s encouraged to seek professional financial guidance from a lawyer or financial planner.

Ultimately, the power is in your hands. The sooner you’re able to increase your FICO score, the greater you’ll feel — and the sooner you’ll be able to reduce any financial stress.

With a higher FICO score, clients can save more money each month by negotiating better credit terms with their current lenders.

How To Boost Your Score With Better Credit

By now you see all the value you’ll gain from using a credit repair company. The next best step is to contact Bettercredit and speak with one of our credit repair specialists. Our specialists will begin working immediately to improve your credit score.

BetterCredit clients are able to monitor their score daily, in our member’s area. With your unique access code, you can watch the progress we make as your credit score increases. Get started today with our free Better Credit Planner or Contact BetterCredit today and speak with one of our credit repair professionals.